Sunday, 17 June 2012

Resplendent Aishwarya says "In no hurry to return to films: motherhood is bliss!"

The Indian media may have been critical of her inability to lose her post-baby weight but former Miss World Aishwarya Rai looked resplendent as she lit up a glittering charity gala dinner celebrating the political career of Keith Vaz MP, June 15.

Aishwarya looked radiant in a simple black Kurtha suit exquisitely embroidered in silver as she was joined by her equally impeccably turned out husband Abhishek Bachchan at the event organized to mark 25 years in politics for Vaz as well as raise money for his Diabetes charity  Silver Star.

The couple had stepped in after Amitabh Bachchan, Silver Star's international patron, was unable to attend due to ill health.
Unsurprisingly, politics took somewhat of a backstage on the night as Eastenders star Nina Wadia grilled Abhi and Ash on becoming parents.  "I love being a mum, it's absolute bliss", said Rai.  She added that she was in no hurry to return to films any time soon.

Asked whether he shared nappy duties with Aishwarya, Abhishek sheepishly said: "I am guilty. I don't spend enough time with the baby to change her nappies. She does all the hard work."

The Bollywood power couple were joined at the event by an eclectic mixture of personalities from politics and business to entertainment: from Speaker the Rt Hon John Bercow to Lycamobile boss Subaskaran Allirajah, all supporting the efforts of Silver Star, which holds mobile diagnostic clinics around the United Kingdom as well as parts of India.

Their generosity was rewarded by some amazing entertainers on the night: from Preeya Kalidas' surprising rendition of the Etta James classic 'At Last' to a resounding set by the Raghu Dixit Project.
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- UKAsian Staff

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