Monday, 7 May 2012

Pictures of British Raj found in shoe box in Edinburgh

Dozens of images depicting life in India a century ago has been discovered in Edinburgh.

The 178 plate-glass negatives were found inside a shoe box at the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland.

They include images commemorating a British royal visit and ships docking on the Hooghly River in Kolkatta.

They are said to have been taken in the country at the time of the British Raj and the negatives untouched for almost 100 years.

Archivists at RCAHMS have confirmed that some of the images were definitely taken in 1912, when King George V and Queen Mary visited Calcutta.

It was the only visit by a British monarch to India as emperor of the subcontinent.

Some of the photographs show the city's buildings lit up at night in tribute to the royal visit.

The images were likely taken by a British civil servant in Kolkata, or a Scot connected to the jute trade which thrived in the City at the time.

The fascinating collection provides an insight not only to life in India a century ago but also the strange and colourful new culture which greeted newcomers to the subcontinent.

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-    UKAsian Staff

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