Monday, 21 May 2012

Pakistani-Romanian people smuggling gang smashed

The UKAsian has helped uncover a gang of people smugglers secretly transporting illegal immigrants and criminals out of the United Kingdom.

As part of a wider investigation with The People newspaper, a reporter from The UKAsian went undercover, posing as an illegal Sri Lankan immigrant desperate to flee the UK to France where he could obtain EU documents to return to Britain legally.

The Pakistani-Romanian gang are believed to have raked in tens of thousands of pounds over a 3-year period by smuggling mostly Pakistani illegals to as far afield as Finland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Our reporter's first point of contact was a Pakistani man named Talet - a chemist by day - who arranged for passage to Dover and on to the French port of Calais on the back of a truck transporting rolls of wrapping paper to Belgium.

On the day of the sting, Talet and two other smartly dressed Pakistani cohorts had arranged illegal passage for 9 other men; all Pakistanis ranging in age from 19 to 26, who were each charged £1050.
It's believed the gang carries out 2 to 4 such operations every week.

The desperate immigrants, most of whom had either overstayed their visas or were fighting against a return to their homeland in one form or another, were first driven in windowless Ford Transits to a car park in Walthamstow on Friday evening.

There, they were handed over to a group of Romanians who drove the men to a lay-by in Maidstone, Kent where they were transferred to a German-registered transporter driven by another Romanian.
The Romanian part of the gang was spearheaded by Marcella Nedea, 27, a cleaning company owner from Harlow Essex who boasted to our reporter about her extensive property portfolio in Romania and how she did everything 'Cash to Hand'.

When asked of the dangers of the crossing from Dover to Calais, both Talet and Nedea, reassured the fugitives that they had never been caught and that "nobody checks the lorries when they travel out of the UK".

However, the truck carrying the immigrants was intercepted at Dover by police and Border Agency officials late Friday night after the undercover team tipped off the authorities.

The gang has cashed in on the government's failure to effectively deal with the thousands of visa overstayers and failed asylum seekers who find it easier to obtain documentation such as Eastern European passports or fake EU Identity Cards which enables them to travel freely.

Talet told our reporter: "We send all people. There was one man who married a girl and before that he tried to get asylum. He got documents under one name then married a girl under another name.

"He is running from the Home Office. The Home Office are trying to get him. We sent some girls from my country, Pakistan. They can't get visa or get papers. So they go to Germany and get papers easily."

- UKAsian Staff

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