Monday, 7 May 2012

British scientists to test Turmeric’s cancer fighting prowess

American scientists have already established Turmeric’s ability to help prevent mental illnesses such as Alzheimers and now this core ingredient of every sub-continental curry is to be tested for its ability to kill cancerous tumours.

The Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leicester General Hospital will conduct trials on a number of bowel cancer patients who will be given doses of Curcumin – the central ingredient in Turmeric – along with regular chemotherapy drugs. 

Studies have already shown that Curcumin can beat cancer cells grown in a laboratory and benefits have been seen in stroke and dementia patients. 

Prof William Steward, who is leading the study, told the BBC that animal tests combining the two were "100 times better" than either on their own and that had been the "major justification for cracking on" with the trial.

He said: "Once bowel cancer has spread it is very difficult to treat, partly because the side effects of chemotherapy can limit how long patients can have treatment.

"The prospect that Curcumin might increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy is exciting because it could mean giving lower doses, so patients have fewer side effects and can keep having treatment for longer.

- UKAsian Staff

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