Tuesday, 14 February 2012

‘Pakistan: Ready to Rise’: Liberal Pakistan comes to Whitechapel

When Pakistani TV presenter Maya Khan was recently caught hounding innocent couples at a park in Karachi, social medial sites in the country reached melting point as the public took to Twitter, Facebook and other forums to denounce the ‘Vigil Aunty’s’ blatant intrusion on people’s privacy.  That rallying call by the Pakistani public led to Khan being quite publicly sacked.  
The episode not only showed the power of social media but the ever increasing influence of increasingly disillusioned, liberal segments of Pakistani society.  
And now, perhaps the most influential of all liberal social campaigns in the country – Azme Alishan – is bringing its message of hope to Great Britain.
‘Pakistan: Ready to Rise’ is a music concert which will see Pakistani and British Pakistan artists join together to promote the message of tolerance through music, in particular the edgy, angry yet hopeful voices of youth which make up punk, rock and hip hop.
Among the artists performing will be rapper Adil Omar, punk-rock group Bumbu Sauce and British Pakistani urban acts Pure Music Generals and Shizzio.
The audience will also be treated to a special performance by Aziz Ibrahim, a British Pakistani singer and musician who has collaborated with the likes of Simply Red, The Stone Roses and Paul Weller among others.
The campaign behind the concert – Azme Alishan – has been instrumental in providing a voice to Pakistan’s disenchanted youth who make up more than 65% of the population and who have been weighed down by extremist violence, political upheaval and economic uncertainty.
The social networking site is described as a “Meeting place for positive Pakistani voices that believe in and represent the true spirit of Pakistan; a country of diversity, creativity, tolerance, opportunity and potential.”
Pakistan: Ready to Rise takes place at the Rhythm Factory at Whitechapel, London, on March 1, 2012.
For more information on the event and Azme Alishan – The Spirit of Pakistan, visit www.facebook.com/azmealishanuk

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