Tuesday, 28 February 2012

First ‘BollyBrit film Naachley London opens to much fanfare

Cast and crew members, accompanied by a slew of Brit-Asian celebrities took the Red Carpet last week for the premier of Naachle London, the first ever BollyBrit film, which heralds in an all new genre of cinema, marrying Bollywood sensibilities and British filmmaking talent.

The film’s producer and director Neville Raschid – the man behind ‘Lost Dogs and Ealing Comedy’ – led the way for the likes of Jake Canuso (ITV’s Benidorm and Shameless), comic Kulvinder Ghir – best known for his uppity turn in Goodness Gracious Me – as well as model and actress Fagun Thakrar and debutante Alyssa Sharma.

Joining the ensemble of talent on the Red Carpet were British Asian celebrities such as: AG Dolla, MC Special, Tasha Tha, Madhu (Signature), Asad Shan, Ameet Chana, Sunny, Shay and the Grewals (C4’s The Family).

Following the World Premiere screening, guests were entertained at a post premiere party at Horizons, West London.

Heralding the debut of an exciting genre in British filmmaking and presented by dynamic, Asian family business-driven, UK-based production and distribution company, Aviary Films, Naachle London is a unique cinematic offering that presents a British take on the classic Bollywood genre.

A feel good, romantic comedy drama centered around two single parents who meet and fall in love when their children attend a Bollywood dance class in West London, Naachle London will appeal to cinemagoers of all ages and backgrounds.

The film’s USP is that the entire film was created in the UK. From the scriptwriters, the music composer, the playback singers and dancers to the actors, the cinematographer, the editor, producers and director, the entire team is UK-based.

Adopting the classic, Bollywood narrative structure and influence, Naachle London intelligently retells the rich girl-poor boy love story in a contemporary British setting, while dealing with issues that face British society today such as the recession, interracial relationships, the stigma attached to divorcees among Asian communities and self-esteem and acceptance issues facing teenagers in modern Britain.
Naachle London seamlessly blends Bollywood with international film stylistics and techniques. The Bollywood genre inspires six, catchy song-and-dance numbers and traditional themes such as family, while international cinema, most notably Hollywood, inspires multi-layered characterisations, nuanced themes and fast-paced editing.

Naachle London is now showing at cinemas, released in the UK through Aviary Films.

First ‘BollyBrit film Naachley London opens to much fanfare

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