Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bollywood starlets Kunder and Khan make up

Bruised and battered director Shirish Kunder has allegedly ‘made up’ with Shah Rukh Khan in a major setback for fans looking to be entertained a little while longer by the darker alter ego of the usually squeaky clean Bollywood ambassador SRK.
Kunder – wife of director, dance show panelist and all round ‘populista’ Farah Khan – tweeted this mornign that he had met Khan for a “heart to heart chat” and “resolved all misunderstandings”.
Reports emerged from Mumbai Monday Night that the two starlets were seen pushing, shoving and pulling each other’s hair at a Filmfare Aftershow Party at tough guy Sanjay Dutt’s place in the city.
Queen Khan did not react immediately but took a shot at irony or wit by tweeting “it feels ironic when I read and see what is being said”.
Kunder was mercifully a bit more straightforward; tweeting “Some incidents in our life when resolved make relationships stronger than they were ever before," he said to much misting of eyes and running of kaajal.
Yesterday Farah Khan had said the Shah Rukh Khan – long celebrated for his apparent propriety – had been provoked by a tweet from Kunder hinting SRK’s latest mind-numbing blockbuster Ra.One had performed poorly at the box office.
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