Thursday, 9 February 2012

Big B to undergo surgery

Amitabh Bachchan will undergo surgery this weekend, the actor revealed on his blog on Thursday.
The 69-year-old Bollywood actor didn't specify what the surgery was for, but referred to his stomach being a "battle-ground" which would have to "entertain this as well".
"It's a war zone, my body, and one which has been through a great deal and still does. I sometimes lament the fact that I do not have the benefit of a complete and ailment free body structure," he wrote.
Bachchan, who underwent abdominal surgery six years ago, said there would be a CT scan before surgery.
The actor has had a series of stomach ailments in the recent past, stemming from his near fatal accident on the sets of "Coolie" in 1982.
"I wonder how wonderful it would be to be normal again. But this was my fate and I shall accept it with a smile," he wrote.
Bachchan's post drew concerned reactions from hundreds of readers and fans.
- Reuters

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