Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Artist S Ravi Shankar at The Noble Sage in London

The Noble Sage Art Gallery, the first gallery in London to specialise exclusively in Indian contemporary art, has announced its latest exhibition, ‘Tableau’, featuring new works by S. Ravi Shankar. This will be Shankar's first solo exhibition in London and third exhibition that he has participated in at The Noble Sage. Shankar’s dramatic black and white pen drawings tell of daily life in India, the different facets of human personality as well as his surreal dreams in equal measure.

Born in 1960 in Chennai, Shankar admits that he wasn't naturally drawn to art as a child. There was 'no burning desire'. Ravi was prepared for engineering though his mind was elsewhere. He remembers fondly the fishermen's children in the area; the wonder he felt at their adventures at sea. It was the first imaginative door opened by Shankar. Little did he know that these real life/dream life experiences of a human's personal world would one day be a feature of his art.

In 2005 Shankar left the world of colour behind him and set about creating a series of bold, large, black and white pen drawings on paper. The result was an astonishing series of highly skilful, and not to mention, cryptic figurative works. His works related back to the dramatic regales of the sea told by his childhood friends, sharing the same enthusiasm for the real life around him though with a mature nod to the importance of memory, dream, experience and personal interpretation on all ‘real life’ that happens in the world.

This solo exhibition shows S. Ravi Shankar’s continuing to use the surface meaning of real life as a starting point for his art. Shankar insinuates in this new body of work that this fabric of real life becomes increasingly complex when one describes real life in terms of what one believes, thinks, dreams, desires or imagines. Questions mount on the back of further questions when one investigates his work. One starts to understand that Shankar’s art does not let us take anything for granted, not real life or dream life. Surface is everything and nothing at the same time. The real question is how deeply we choose to or are allowed to penetrate and probe.

Ravi Shankar's solo exhibition, 'TABLEAU', will run from the 28th April to the 16th May 2010 with the Grand Opening taking place on 29th April. If you would like to attend this event, email with your request.

Exhibition Listings
'TABLEAU' - New works by S. Ravi Shankar
28th April - 16th May 2010
All artworks for sale; free entrance

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The Noble Sage Art Gallery
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The gallery is free to enter and open to all. The Noble Sage specialises in Indian, Sri Lankan and Pakistani Contemporary Art.
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